Better ways to earn money Online

In this changing financial scenario typical business structure is evolving and so its effect on earning ways of common people. In 90’s century business tycoons were coal mine, steel factory etc owners which were heavy business. Now the situation has changed. World’s wealthiest person is a software company owner. Top business owners are now somehow associated with digital business.

This revolving business trend is affecting Indian economy drastically. With the help of digital business people are getting acquainted with various ways earning money. We Indians have a common myth that earning online money is a scam, somehow it’s illegal or tricky or a bluff. But the talented and visionary Indian online entrepreneurs are busting these common myths easily with their websites or applications. Because this entire data consuming generation is spending more and more time on internet not only for entertainment but also for their substantial source of income. If you google right now “best and easiest way to earn money online” thousands of results will appear on your screen showing the online sources of income.

Now the question comes what you have to do for starting your online income journey? My answer is simple and that is you just need a digital medium which can be a personal computer, or a laptop or a mobile phone with a stable internet connection. This small investment can change your financial future.

Indian Context-

In India there are many ways of online earning like data entry, drop shipping, product selling, teaching, blogging, content writing, freelancing, gaming, peer to peer reselling, domain trading etc. You may pick any of these according your skill.
Next question is where to find these jobs. Fiverr, Upwork, Amazon mechanical Turk, Freelance camp are the example of some popular websites where you can earn money by performing several of those jobs.

Out top 12 picks to earning methods

Data Entry- You practically need no skill to do this job. By filling up a former conducting a survey or solving a Captcha code you can earn a good amount of money. Although it’s a very boring job.

  1. Drop Shipping– You don’t have to manufacture your own product or own your eCommerce website. You just have to send to a product to your customer displayed your customized drop shipping website using an affiliate link.
  2. Online Gaming– Online Gaming is gaining it’s popularity in a rapid speed among our Indian youth. Example- silkrummy , gamingstar, cashkaro are some popular Indian website.
  3. Online Teaching– You can teach your preferred subject in which you are good at. Unacademy, Khan Academy, Vedantu are some trending education platforms available in all regional languages with of course Hindi and English.
  4. Peer to peer sell– Just like an e-commerce website a P2P website is a virtual money lending website. Once you understand the recovery process minimizing the risks you can somewhere 13 to 30 percent interest on lending money.
  5. Domain trading– Every domain name should unique like our unique name for the unique identification. You can buy a domain name which think going to be demanding in near future you can purchase the domain in advance and then sell to the person who want to have same unique identity. Godaddy .com is a promiment platform for this type trading. Onece learn the domain trading art money will not be a barrier.
  6. Translation job– If you are an expert on some other languages preferably in a foreign language apart from your mother tongue then plenty amount of money is waiting for you in digital platrforms. Only you have to sign up and start. In this era of globalization translating is a high paid job.
  7. Creating Youtube Channel– Video content is the future of content. It’s the most searched platform after google. You can start from your home with small set up of a headphone mike, a mobile instead of a camera, a tripod and a personal computer. With this minimum investment you can earn lakhs of money and earn fame which can’t be bought.
  8. Content Writing– In the time automation, artificial intelligence writing is one the few jobs which can’t be curbed by a machine or robot. Every website needs some fresh content to increase user interaction. So, if you are a good writer who can show some creativity and some fresh ideas then you should take a seat and start writing, money will automatically fall on your place.
  9. Social Media– In this time of hyper-personalization TikTok, Instagram are some globally popular application in which you can create your own brand with earning money by uploading your entertaining photos and micro videos.
  10. Virtual Assistance– These are people who work remotely with their clients and manage the tasks of their business that are too hectic to handle for them. Majorly these tasks are proofreading, managing phone calls, social media management, graphic design, editing writing, scheduling appointments etc. Example- 24/7 virtual assistance, Virtual Staff Finder, Zipstack are some popular websites to get these of jobs.
  11. Kindle e-book– Kindle is a platform made by for writing talents who to self publish e books and paperbacks. By this platform you can reach millions of readers all over the world of hundreds of language.

Our Pick – “Online Gaming” – Among these online gaming is one the fastest growing sector. But there are many types of online gaming e.g. Pubg, freefire, clash of clans these games require high-tech device, concentrated long hours which cannot be given by all of us.

Young generation mostly plays these games because the easily understand the complex nature of these games. So, what about the other age group?

To make an online game available for all we have come with a simple, brain charging and obviously money earning game called ‘EARNPIN’.
Let’s get into the detail. This game is offered from our website for our Indian users. You can play the game by logging into this website or you can download this gaming application from play store. It’s a 100% spam free product. To know the about the detailed method of this product visit about us page.

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