Top Online earning Methods for Students

So, you are here to explore the top earning options for students in India and I promise you after reading this article you won’t be disappointed. Before getting into actual points let’s look at the case of typical Indian students in respect of online earning.

Problems of earning money online for students in India-

  • Contaminated Internet– It’s a very unfortunate fact that today internet has polluted very badly by many scamming earning websites who initially promises a high income option but later it turns out as a fake platform. Internet is supposed to be a platform for everyone to provide earning opportunity. So, you should be very careful before picking up a particular platform.
  • Indian Society– Unlike western countries Indian students typically depends on parents for a very longer period of age. Indian education syllabus is a very vast one which is very difficult to manage along with a part time job. Parents know this factor very well. So in many cases they don’t allow their children for a part time. That’s why their options are very less.
  • Increased pocket money– India is very fast developing country. Every year market is changing so it’s social impact on students. They want to earn more without hampering the studies to cover their own expenses.

For the factors mentioned above a typical Indian student couldn’t make money online in most of the cases.

Top 12 best option to earn money online for Student.

  1. Data Entry– You practically need no skill to do this job. By filling up a former conducting a survey or solving a Captcha code you can earn a good amount of money. Although it’s a very boring job.
  2. Drop Shipping– You don’t have to manufacture your own product or own your eCommerce website. You just have to send to a product to your customer displayed your customized drop shipping website using an affiliate link.
  3. Online Gaming– Online Gaming is gaining it’s popularity in a rapid speed among our Indian youth. Example- silkrummy , gamingstar, cashkaro are some popular Indian website.
  4. Online Teaching– You can teach your preferred subject in which you are good at. Unacademy, Khan Academy, Vedantu are some trending education platforms available in all regional languages with of course Hindi and English.
  5. Peer to peer sell– Just like an e-commerce website a P2P website is a virtual money lending website. Once you understand the recovery process minimizing the risks you can somewhere 13 to 30 percent interest on lending money.
  6. Domain trading– Every domain name should unique like our unique name for the unique identification. You can buy a domain name which think going to be demanding in near future you can purchase the domain in advance and then sell to the person who want to have same unique identity. Godaddy .com is a promiment platform for this type trading. Onece learn the domain trading art money will not be a barrier.
  7. Translation job– If you are an expert on some other languages preferably in a foreign language apart from your mother tongue then plenty amount of money is waiting for you in digital platrforms. Only you have to sign up and start. In this era of globalization translating is a high paid job.
  8. Creating Youtube Channel– Video content is the future of content. It’s the most searched platform after google. You can start from your home with small set up of a headphone mike, a mobile instead of a camera, a tripod and a personal computer. With this minimum investment you can earn lakhs of money and earn fame which can’t be bought.
  9. Content Writing– In the time automation, artificial intelligence writing is one the few jobs which can’t be curbed by a machine or robot. Every website needs some fresh content to increase user interaction. So, if you are a good writer who can show some creativity and some fresh ideas then you should take a seat and start writing, money will automatically fall on your place.
  10. Social Media– In this time of hyper-personalization TikTok, Instagram are some globally popular application in which you can create your own brand with earning money by uploading your entertaining photos and micro videos.
  11. Virtual Assistance– These are people who work remotely with their clients and manage the tasks of their business that are too hectic to handle for them. Majorly these tasks are proofreading, managing phone calls, social media management, graphic design, editing writing, scheduling appointments etc. Example- 24/7 virtual assistance, Virtual Staff Finder, Zipstack are some popular websites to get these of jobs.
  12. Kindle e-book– Kindle is a platform made by for writing talents who to self publish e books and paperbacks. By this platform you can reach millions of readers all over the world of hundreds of language.

Our recommendation on online earning for students by referring game in your friend network.

But there is some good news. There are some better ways to earn money online. After spending a few days I have picked up these following sources of earning, which will suit students without hampering their studies.

  • Online earning by gaming will be at the top of list. There are some unavoidable facts behind putting online gaming at the top of the list. But don’t confuse this concept with a high end gaming like PUBG, Clash of Clans etc. You should always pick up those points that has following points-
  • Format– The game should very easily to all and could be played by people of all age group. Instructions of the game should be easily understood.
  • User Friendly– Graphics should be user friendly.
  • Income Option– There must be some definite way of earning money.
  • Refreshment– We mostly play a game for mental refreshment. You must feel a bit relaxed after playing the game.

To minimize your effort to find a game having all the points mentioned above I can recommend you a game called earnpin. We all know to play Crisscross, which is a very popular game in India. This is the digital version of crisscross.

Brief Advantage of Earnpin-

  • Each game has 3 rounds. To make it easy to understand instructions of the game is same as typical crisscross game.
  • It’s not a very heavy game so it consumes less data.
  • It doesn’t require very high quality device, so you can play easily on any android mobile.
  • It has 2 way income. First is you win by playing and earn. Second is even if you don’t play you can earn by referring this game to others. You earn when your referrerls earn by winning a game.
  • Being a very simple game you can play it any place within in a limited span of time along with mental refreshment.
  • Eearning could be withdrawn by transferring to your bank account via the most trust payment gateways like paytm, google pay etc.

Every student can play this game on mobile. You can download this game from playstore for android device. A student can earn his pocket money by referring all his friends because usually a student has a huge network. Even if they just refer they can earn from their referrerls.  You can have a detailed look by reading this article written on earnpin adavantage by our experts.

Final Verdict-

As I promised on the beginning of the article I have clearly mentioned a prominent opportunity of online earning with the benefits. Now you have a clear picture on top online earning options for students in India. So, what are you waiting for? Just download and play the game. Don’t forget let us know income amount. HAPPY EARNING!!!